A rainy day in Tokyo

A couple summers ago, I took a week off with no plans. A friend of mine worked for an airline at the time, which meant I could fly standby for free if the plane had empty seats. I showed up at SFO hoping to get on a plane to Tokyo, but was ready to go anywhere in case that fell through.

Because of this, I had nothing planned. After landing in Tokyo, I connected to the airport wifi, and booked a one-night stay in a hotel in a neighborhood on the north side of town.

The next day, I resisted the urge to google "best things to do in Tokyo", and instead opened up a map and traveled to whatever looked interesting.

As it turns out, the hotel I chose was next to the well-known Senso-Ji temple (浅草寺).

The cloudy morning passed slowly and I walked from alley to alley. Tokyo is warm in the summer, so the occasional raindrops were refreshing.